Who Makes Ecx Rc Cars?

There are many different companies that make ECX RC cars. Some of the most popular include Losi, Traxxas, and HPI. These companies all have different designs and features that set them apart from one another.

When it comes to choosing an ECX RC car, it is important to consider what you will be using it for. If you are looking for a car to race, then you will want to choose one that is fast and has good handling. If you are looking for a car to bash around, then you will want one that is durable and can take a few hits.

There are many different companies that make ECX RC cars. Some of the more popular brands include Losi, Team Associated, and HPI Racing. All of these companies produce high-quality products that are sure to provide you with hours of fun and excitement.

Who Makes Ecx Rc Cars?

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Who Makes Ecx Ruckus?

ECX Ruckus is a remote control car manufactured by Horizon Hobby. It is part of the ECX brand, which Horizon Hobby acquired from Losi in 2014. The Ruckus was originally released in 2012 and has undergone several revisions since then.

The latest version, the Ruckus 2.0, was released in 2018.

Is Losi Owned by Horizon?

Losi is a Los Angeles, California-based radio control (RC) model manufacturer that produces a wide range of RC products, including cars, trucks, aircraft and helicopters. The company was founded in 1984 by Bob Smith and Dave Baldwin. Horizon Hobby acquired Losi in 2011.

Horizon Hobby is an American hobby product distributor based in Champaign, Illinois. The company was founded in 1985 by John Jannard with the purchase of two mail-order businesses: Great Planes Model Distributors and Hobbico. In 2004, Horizon expanded its operations internationally with the acquisition of Robb International Ltd., a UK-based hobby distributor.

On January 28, 2008, Horizon completed the acquisition of Silverlode Holding Company LLC (d/b/a Tower Hobbies), making it the largest direct marketer and retailer of radio control products in the world.

Cheap ECX RC cars. Are they worth it?

Ecx Rc Torment

The Ecx Rc Torment is a remote control car that is sure to provide hours of fun. It features a durable design and comes with a variety of features that will keep you entertained. The Ecx Rc Torment is a great choice for anyone looking for aremote control car that is both fun and affordable.

Ecx Ruckus

Ecx Ruckus The ECX Ruckus is a four-wheel drive, off-road buggy. It is manufactured by ECX, a division of Horizon Hobby.

The Ruckus was introduced in 2009. The Ruckus is powered by a brushed motor and uses a two-speed transmission. The buggy has oil-filled shocks and features adjustable camber, toe, and anti-squat settings.

The Ruckus comes with a 2.4GHz radio system and includes an electronic speed control (ESC). The body of the Ruckus is made from durable Lexan and features pre-painted panels. The buggy also includes decals and stickers for added personalization.

The ECX Ruckus is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable, entry-level off-road buggy. With its easy-to-use controls and durable construction, the Ruckus is sure to provide hours of fun!

Ecx Barrage

The ECX Barrage is a high-powered electric RC car that is capable of reaching speeds of up to 50mph. It is one of the fastest RC cars on the market and comes with a powerful motor and battery pack that allow it to reach these high speeds. The Barrage has a lightweight chassis that makes it easy to handle and maneuver, making it an excellent choice for racing or just cruising around the neighborhood.

Ecx Rock Crawler

The ECX® Rock Crawler is a ready-to-run crawler that’s been engineered to handle the rugged terrain and challenges that rock crawling enthusiasts crave. This tough and versatile machine comes equipped with a low-profile chassis, 4-link suspension, metal shield transmission case, twin vertical plate steel frame rails, aluminum shocks and more. Plus, it includes an easy-to-use 2.4GHz radio system for precise control.

Are you ready to take your rock crawling to the next level? If you’re looking for a rock crawler that can take on the toughest terrain, then the ECX® Rock Crawler is perfect for you. With its low-profile chassis and 4-link suspension, this crawler is designed to conquer any challenge.

Plus, it comes with an easy-to-use 2.4GHz radio system so you can have complete control over your crawl. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start exploring!


In short, Horizon Hobby makes ECX RC cars. They are a Chinese company that has been in business since 2007 and specializes in making radio controlled vehicles. Their products are available worldwide and they have a good reputation for quality and customer service.

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