What is Collective Pitch Rc Helicopter?

A collective pitch RC helicopter is a type of radio controlled helicopter that uses a collective pitch mechanism to change the blade pitch. This allows the pilot to control the amount of lift generated by the blades, and thus the altitude of the helicopter. Collective pitch helicopters are more difficult to fly than fixed pitch helicopters, but they offer greater control and flexibility.

Collective pitch is a term used in RC helicopters to describe the ability to change the pitch of all blades at the same time. This is done by moving the swashplate, which is connected to the helicopter’s main rotor shaft. The blades are attached to the swashplate via blade grips, and as the swashplate moves, so do the blades.

The amount of collective pitch change is usually measured in degrees, and it essentially determines how much lift each blade can produce. More collective pitch will result in more lift, but it also makes the helicopter more difficult to control. That’s because increasing collective pitch also increases drag on the rotor system, which makes it harder for the pilot to keep things going in a straight line.

So why would you want to use collective pitch? Well, it allows you to change how much lift your helicopter produces on-the-fly. This can be useful for both making corrections in flight and for performing aerobatic maneuvers.

Just remember that too much collective pitch can quickly get you into trouble!

What is Collective Pitch Rc Helicopter?

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What is Collective Pitch in Helicopter?

There are two types of collective pitch in a helicopter, mechanical and electrical. Mechanical collective pitch is where the blades are connected to the rotor head by way of levers and rods. As the pilot increases or decreases the angle of attack on the main rotor blades, it also changes the blade pitch.

This type of collective pitch is used on most small helicopters. Electrical collective pitch is where each main rotor blade has its own electric motor. This allows for independent control of blade pitch, which gives the pilot more precise control over the helicopter.

This type of collective pitch is used on larger helicopters and some smaller ones as well.

How Do You Fly a Collective Pitch Rc Helicopter?

There are a few different types of collective pitch RC helicopters, but the most common type is the flybarless collective pitch helicopter. These types of helicopters have no flybar and use sensors to keep track of the main rotor blades’ position and speed. This makes them more stable and easier to fly than traditional helicopters that use a flybar.

To fly a collective pitch RC helicopter, first make sure that it is in level flight and that the main rotor blades are spinning at a consistent speed. Then slowly increase the throttle until the helicopter begins to lift off the ground. Once the helicopter is in the air, you can use the Collective Pitch Lever to control its altitude by adjusting the angle of attack of the main rotor blades.

Remember to always start with small movements when flying a collective pitch RC helicopter, as they can be very sensitive to inputs. Also, be careful not to over-control the helicopter or it may start to spin out of control. If this happens, simply reduce the throttle and let it stabilize itself before trying again.

What is the Difference between Cyclic Pitch And Collective Pitch?

There are two types of helicopter flight controls – cyclic and collective. The cyclic control is used to change the blade pitch angle, which in turn changes the lift and thrust produced by the rotor blades. The collective control is used to change the blade pitch angle of all the blades simultaneously.

This alters the amount of lift produced by the rotor, and also changes the direction of the helicopter’s nose. The main difference between cyclic and collective pitch is that cyclic pitch only affects one blade at a time, whereas collective pitch affects all blades at once. Cyclic pitch is used for flying forwards, backwards and sideways, as well as for changing altitude.

Collective pitch is mainly used for changing altitude, but can also be used for flying sideways (known as crabbing).

How Many Channels Do I Need for a Rc Helicopter?

Most RC helicopters have 3 channels. The three channels control the main rotor, the tail rotor, and throttle. Some RC helicopters have 4 or more channels which may also control things like camera gimbals or other accessory functions.

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Collective Pitch Rc Helicopter Best for Beginners

When it comes to RC helicopters, there are a few different types that you can choose from. One type is the collective pitch RC helicopter, which is generally considered to be the best option for beginners. Here’s a look at why this type of helicopter is a good choice for those just starting out.

The biggest benefit of the collective pitch RC helicopter is that it is much easier to control than other types of RC helicopters. This is because the blades on this type of helicopter are able to change angles as they rotate, which gives you more control over the direction and speed of the helicopter. This makes it a great choice for beginners who might not have a lot of experience flying RC helicopters.

Another benefit of the collective pitch RC helicopter is that it tends to be more durable than other types of helicopters. This means that you won’t have to replace it as often, which can save you money in the long run. Additionally, this type of helicopter usually comes with better customer support, so if you do have any issues with your purchase, you’ll be able to get help from someone who knows what they’re doing.

Overall, the collective pitch RC helicopter is a great choice for beginners who want an easy-to-control and durable option. If you’re just starting out with flying RC helicopters, this is definitely the way to go!

Smallest Collective Pitch Rc Helicopter

The smallest collective pitch RC helicopter has a rotor diameter of just 3.5 inches! This little guy is capable of flying in the tightest of spaces and performing amazing aerial maneuvers. It’s perfect for those who want to get into RC helicopters but don’t have a lot of space to work with.

If you’re looking for a challenge, this is the perfect helicopter for you!

Best Collective Pitch Rc Helicopter

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a Collective Pitch (CP) RC Helicopter. The size and weight of the helicopter is one factor to consider. The rotor blades are another important consideration.

The collective pitch refers to the angle of attack of the main rotor blades. This angle can be adjusted to change the lift and thrust generated by the rotor system. The collective pitch also affects the amount of torque that is produced by the spinning blades.

Torque is what makes the helicopter rotate around its vertical axis. A CP helicopter with high blade pitch will have more torque and will be able to fly faster and perform more aggressive maneuvers than a helicopter with lower blade pitch. The material used to construct the helicopters fuselage also plays a role in how durable and light weight it is.

Some materials used in RC helicopters include aluminum, carbon fiber, and fiberglass. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks that should be considered before making a purchase. Aluminum frames are strong but heavy, while carbon fiber frames are lightweight but more expensive.

Fiberglass frames lie somewhere in between these two extremes in terms of both price and weight. Once you have considered all of these factors, you will be able to narrow down your search for the best CP RC Helicopter that suits your needs!

Fixed Pitch Rc Helicopter

Most rc helicopters have adjustable pitch blades, which allows the helicopter to fly faster or slower. A fixed pitch rc helicopter has only one blade angle, so it can only fly at a single speed. This makes them easier to fly than adjustable pitch helicopters, but they are not as versatile.


A collective pitch RC helicopter is a type of RC helicopter that uses a main rotor with blades that can be adjusted to change the pitch. This allows the helicopter to fly in different directions and speeds. The collective pitch RC helicopter is a more advanced type of RC helicopter and is not recommended for beginners.

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