What is a Flybar on a Rc Helicopter?

If you are into remote control helicopters, chances are you have heard of a flybar. But what exactly is a flybar and what does it do? A flybar is a horizontal bar that is attached to the rotor head of a rc helicopter.

The purpose of the flybar is to stabilize the helicopter and keep it flying level.

A flybar is a lever that is attached to the rotor head of a RC helicopter. The flybar acts as a stabilizer and helps to keep the helicopter level in flight. The flybar also helps to control the amount of lift that is generated by the rotating blades.

What is a Flybar on a Rc Helicopter?

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Why Do Rc Helicopters Have a Flybar?

A flybar is a weight that is attached to the rotor blades of a remote-controlled helicopter. The purpose of the flybar is to stabilize the helicopter and keep it level while in flight. It does this by offsetting the weight of the rotor blades so that they are balanced.

The flybar also helps to control the direction of the helicopter’s flight by making small adjustments to the blade pitch.

How Does a Helicopter Flybar Work?

A helicopter flybar is a rotating blade that helps to stabilize the helicopter. The flybar is connected to the main rotor blades and helps to keep the helicopter level as it flies.

What is the Difference between Flybar And Flybarless Helicopters?

There are two main types of helicopters: those with a flybar and those without. The difference between the two lies in how they stabilize the rotor blade. Flybar helicopters use a horizontal bar that is attached to the blades.

This bar helps to keep the blades in line and prevents them from wobbling. Flybarless helicopters, on the other hand, do not have this horizontal bar. Instead, they rely on sensors and computers to keep the blades stabilized.

Some people argue that flybarless helicopters are more efficient because they are lighter and have fewer parts. Others argue that flybar helicopters are more reliable because they do not rely as heavily on technology. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference which type of helicopter you want to use.

What are the Parts of a Rc Helicopter?

Most remote control helicopters have three main parts: the body, the rotor blades, and the tail. The body is the main frame of the helicopter and houses all of the other components. The rotor blades are attached to the top of the body and provide lift.

The tail is used for stability and steering. The body of a remote control helicopter is typically made from lightweight materials like plastic or aluminum. The rotor blades are usually made from carbon fiber or glass fiber.

The tail is usually made from metal or plastic. Remote control helicopters typically have four rotors: two large ones at the front and two smaller ones at the back. The front rotors provide lift while the rear rotors provide thrust.

Most remote control helicopters also have a tail rotor that helps with stability and steering. The majority of remote control helicopters use gasoline-powered engines, but some newer models are electric-powered. Gasoline-powered engines tend to be more powerful than electric motors, but they also require more maintenance and can be louder.

Electric-powered motors are quieter and easier to maintain, but they may not have as much power as gasoline engines.

The Difference Between Flybar and Flybarless R/C Helicopters

Rc Helicopter Flybar Set Up

If you’re looking to get into the exciting world of RC helicopters, you’ll need to know a thing or two about flybar set up. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about setting up your flybar, so you can get flying in no time! The first step is to attach the blade grips to the rotor head.

Make sure that the grip is tight and secure before moving on. Next, you’ll need to connect the pitch linkages to the servos. The linkage should be attached at a 90 degree angle from the servo arm.

Once the pitch linkages are connected, it’s time to move on to the cyclic links. These connect the swashplate to the servos and allow for movement in all directions. Again, make sure that these connections are tight and secure.

Now it’s time for a quick test! Power on your helicopter and check that all surfaces are moving correctly. If everything looks good, it’s time to take her out for a spin!

Rc Helicopter Swashplate Setup

An rc helicopter swashplate setup is a device that helps to stabilize the rotor blades of a helicopter. It is mounted on the top of the main rotor shaft and consists of two parts: a fixed plate and a moving plate. The fixed plate is attached to the frame of the helicopter, while the moving plate is connected to the blades via bearings.

The swashplate allows the blades to rotate in different directions, which provides stability and lift.

Converting Flybar to Flybarless

Most RC helicopter pilots start out flying with a flybar. A flybar is a metal rod that runs horizontally across the top of the helicopter and has two or three blades attached to it. The blades spin around as the helicopter flies and help to stabilize the aircraft.

However, many pilots eventually convert their helicopters to flybarless (FBL). FBL helicopters don’t have a flybar; instead, they have extra weight in the head that helps to stabilize the aircraft. There are several advantages to flying an FBL helicopter.

First, they’re generally more agile and easier to control than flybar helicopters. Second, they tend to be more durable since there’s no metal bar that can bend or break in a crash. Finally, FBL helicopters are usually lighter than their flybar counterparts, which makes them easier on batteries and motors.

If you’re thinking about converting yourflybar helicopter to FBL, there are a few things you need to know. First, you’ll need to replace the main rotor head with an FBL-compatible one. You’ll also need new software for your transmitter; many popular brands offer free software updates that add FBL support.

Finally, you may need new batteries; depending on how much power your old ones had, you may be able to get away with using the same ones but it’s always best to err on the side of caution and get fresh batteries before making such a big change to your aircraft!

Helicopter Flybar Function

A helicopter flybar is a rotating paddle that helps to stabilize the rotor blades. It does this by creating lift and drag forces that counteract any vibration or movement of the blades. The flybar also helps to keep the blades at a consistent pitch, which is important for maintaining lift and stability.


On a RC helicopter, the flybar is a horizontal bar that is connected to the rotor blades. The purpose of the flybar is to stabilize the helicopter and keep it flying level. It does this by creating lift and keeping the blades at a consistent speed.

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