How Much Weight Can a Tello Drone Carry?

The Tello drone is a small but powerful quadcopter that is capable of carrying a surprising amount of weight. It has a maximum payload capacity of 500 grams, which means it can easily carry an action camera, a smartphone, or even a small DSLR camera. The drone is also able to fly for up to 13 minutes on a single charge, making it ideal for capturing long-term video footage or taking multiple photos.

Tello drones are designed to be lightweight and easy to fly, but that doesn’t mean they can’t carry a little bit of weight. Tello drones can carry up to 2 kg (4.4 lbs) without any problems. That means they can easily carry a GoPro camera or other small payloads without any issues.

How Much Weight Can a Tello Drone Carry

Tello drones are able to carry a weight of up to 200g. This means that they can carry objects that weigh up to 200 grams, such as a small toy or a book. If you are looking to carry something heavier than this, then you will need to look at another drone option.

How Much Weight Can a Tello Drone Carry?



The Tello drone from Ryze is a small but powerful quadcopter that’s capable of carrying a surprisingly heavy payload. In fact, the Tello drone can carry up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of weight, which is more than most other drones on the market. This makes the Tello drone ideal for carrying things like cameras, GoPro devices, and even small packages.

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