Does the Traxxas Revo 3.3 Have Reverse?

When it comes to radio controlled (RC) cars, the Traxxas Revo 3.3 is one of the most popular models on the market. It’s known for its speed and durability, but does it have reverse? That’s a question that many RC car enthusiasts have been asking lately.

The answer is yes, the Traxxas Revo 3.3 does have reverse. This feature was added in early 2017, and it’s a welcome addition for those who like to race their RC cars or take them off-road. The reverse function is activated by a switch on the transmitter, and it allows the car to move backwards at a slow speed.

This can be helpful when you’re trying to maneuver around obstacles or tight spaces. If you’re looking for an RC car that’s fast, durable, and has reverse, then the Traxxas Revo 3.3 is a great option. It’s sure to provide hours of fun for both kids and adults alike.

The Traxxas Revo 3.3 is a remote-controlled car that has been designed for off-road racing. It is able to reach high speeds and navigate rough terrain with ease. One question that many people have about the Revo 3.3 is whether or not it has reverse.

The answer is yes, the Revo 3.3 does have reverse! This feature allows you to back up if you ever find yourself in a tight spot or need to turn around quickly. The reverse function on the Revo 3.3 can be activated by pressing a button on the transmitter.

If you’re looking for an RC car that can handle anything you throw at it, the Traxxas Revo 3.3 is a great option! And now you know that it comes with the added bonus of being able to go in reverse too!

Does the Traxxas Revo 3.3 Have Reverse?


Does Traxxas 3.3 Have Reverse?

Traxxas is a well-known company that produces high-quality RC cars and trucks. The Traxxas 3.3 has been one of their most popular models, due to its great performance and durability. Many people have wondered if the Traxxas 3.3 has reverse, and the answer is yes!

The Traxxas 3.3 does have reverse, which can be very useful for getting out of tight spots or maneuvering around obstacles.

Does Revo Have Reverse?

If you’re looking for a stroller with reverse capabilities, the Revo won’t be the right fit. This stroller is designed for forward-facing use only. However, it does have some other great features that may be appealing to you.

For example, the Revo has a lightweight aluminum frame and can be easily folded up for storage or travel. It also has a large canopy to help protect your child from the sun or rain.

How Fast Does the Revo 3.3 Go?

The Revo 3.3 is one of the fastest cars on the market, capable of reaching speeds of up to 200mph. It’s also one of the most expensive cars, with a price tag of over $1 million. But for those who can afford it, the Revo 3.3 is definitely worth the investment.

Is the Revo 3.3 Waterproof?

The Traxxas Revo 3.3 is not waterproof. Although the truck is built to be driven in all types of terrain and conditions, it is not meant to be driven in water. Water can enter the electronics compartment and cause damage to the truck’s components.

If you do accidentally drive the Revo 3.3 through water, make sure to dry it off as soon as possible and check the electronics for any water damage.

TRAXXAS REVO 3.3_I Have REVERSE Now & Some Nitro Talk!

Traxxas Revo 3.3 Problems

Traxxas Revo 3.3 Problems The Traxxas Revo 3.3 is one of the most popular remote control (RC) cars on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its problems. Some common issues owners have reported include engine failures, fuel leaks, and broken parts.

If you’re having trouble with your Revo 3.3, here are some tips that might help: – Check the air filter to make sure it’s clean and not clogged. A dirty or clogged air filter can cause engine problems.

– Make sure all of the fuel lines are tightly secured and there are no leaks. Fuel leaks can be dangerous and cause damage to your car. – Inspect all of the moving parts on your car regularly to make sure they’re not worn out or broken.

Replacing worn or broken parts will extend the life of your car and prevent further damage down the road.

Traxxas Revo 3.3 Manual

The Traxxas Revo 3.3 is one of the most popular remote control (RC) cars on the market. It’s a 1/10th scale 4WD nitro-powered monster truck that’s known for being fast, durable, and easy to drive. If you’re looking for an RC car that’s able to handle just about any terrain and can reach speeds of over 50mph, then the Revo 3.3 is definitely worth considering.

In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Traxxas Revo 3.3, starting with a brief overview of its features and specs. We’ll then move on to talking about how it performs in different types of terrain and environments. Finally, we’ll wrap things up with a few pros and cons to help you decide if the Revo 3.3 is the right RC car for you.

Features & Specs One of the first things you’ll notice about the Revo 3.3 is its massive size; at nearly 2 feet long and 1 foot wide, this thing is huge! It’s powered by a TRX 2.5R racing engine which gives it plenty of power to tackle just about any terrain imaginable – from sand dunes to mud pits – and reach top speeds of over 50mph+.

The 4WD drivetrain ensures that all four wheels always have traction, no matter what kind of surface you’re driving on; plus, it comes with oil-filled shocks that help soak up bumps and jumps for a smoother ride overall. In terms of looks, the Revo 3.3 definitely turns heads with its aggressive stance and cool design details like oversized tires, exposed shock towers,and dual exhaust tips . And if you want to really customize your ride , there are tons of aftermarket parts available from Traxxas as well as other companies – everything from LED light kits to different body styles .

No matter what direction you go with customization , one thing’s for sure: The Revo 3 .3 will stand out from the crowd !

Traxxas Revo 3.3 Transmission Problems

If you own a Traxxas Revo 3.3, you may have experienced some transmission problems. The good news is that there are some things you can do to fix these issues. The first thing you should check is the alignment of your transmission.

If the gears are not properly aligned, it can cause all sorts of problems, including stripped gears and excessive wear on the parts. You can use a simple tool like a feeler gauge to check the alignment and make adjustments as necessary. Another common issue with the Revo 3.3 transmission is slippage.

This can be caused by worn or damaged clutch shoes. Replacing the clutch shoes is relatively easy and will usually fix the problem. If neither of these solutions works, you may need to replace the entire transmission.

This is a more involved repair, but it is still possible to do it yourself if you have some mechanical experience. No matter what solution you choose, it is important to keep an eye on your transmission and make sure that any problems are fixed as soon as possible.

Traxxas Revo 3.3 Upgrades

If you’re looking to get the most out of your Traxxas Revo 3.3, there are a few key upgrades you can make to really improve performance. Here’s a rundown of some must-have Revo 3.3 upgrades: 1. Metal gears – The stock plastic gears in the Revo 3.3 are not very durable, so upgrading to metal gears is a must if you want your truck to last.

This is especially important if you plan on doing any serious off-roading with your Revo. 2. Aluminum shocks – The stock shocks on the Revo are made of plastic and aren’t very good at dampening bumps and vibrations. Upgrading to aluminum shocks will give you much better handling and a smoother ride overall.

3. Bigger tires – The stock tires on the Revo are pretty small, so upgrading to larger tires will give you more ground clearance and better traction when driving off-road. Just be sure not to go too big or you’ll start having problems with fitment and clearance issues. 4. Better battery – The stock battery that comes with the Revo 3.3 isn’t very powerful, so upgrading to a higher-capacity battery will give you more run time and better performance overall.


The Traxxas Revo 3.3 does have reverse! This is a great feature that allows you to back up if you need to, or even just drive in reverse for fun. The Revo 3.3 is a great truck and this feature just makes it even better.

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